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We do it all from wood decks, vinyl decks,  composite decks, pool decks, and screened-in porches.

As a local Olathe company, we treat every customer like family so when it comes to your deck we are the ones for the job.

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    Wood decks have been around for quite some time and have remained popular owing to their great durability and wide range of use. Wood decks can be used for your residential and commercial decking projects and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decking needs. To get the best quality decking services and results, always insist on hiring a certified and licensed decking contractor like the Olathe deck company. When you hire us to handle your residential or commercial decking projects, we make sure we use the best quality hardwoods to enhance the functionality and durability of your decks. 

    There are several reasons why a vinyl deck is a cool decking choice for your residential and commercial decking needs. The vinyl deck is cool to your touch, does not require any serious maintenance, and looks almost exactly like wood. However, it comes with several advantages over wood when used as your decking material. As a professional Olathe deck builder, we recommend vinyl decks for the fact that they will never rot, decay, or split. Additionally, vinyl materials are impervious to moisture and insects. Also, vinyl never fades, unlike some composite decking materials. 

    No matter your preferences when it comes to composite decking materials, you can always find the right fit for your decking needs and budget. Our concern as a professional Olathe deck company is to ensure you get the best quality composite decks for maximum functionality and longer durability. Each composite deck material comes with its unique fastening and installation procedures. It takes an expert Olathe deck builder to understand these procedures and stick to them throughout the entire installation process. We make sure we follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing your composite decks in order not to void the warranty the seeking materials come with. 

    Your swimming pool deck is that immediate area surrounding your pool. It is commonly referred to as your pool patio and can be made with different materials. Your pool deck is the area near your pool where you place your tables, lounge chairs, and all other pool furniture. The materials used for designing your pool deck matter a lot. Your pool deck should be slip-resistant for your safety and the safety of your guests and family members. A well-designed pool deck should be well constructed, inviting, and stylish. Your pool deck can be the most important part of your home where you and your family relax and have all the fun in the world.

    The beauty of a well-constructed screened-in porch is that it enables you to enjoy maximum protection from bugs and pests, even while you enjoy the gentle breeze that passes through the very fine screening to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Imagine being indoors while enjoying the fresh air that comes with being outdoors. As an expert Olathe builder, we provide the best quality screen in the porch to our clients in Olathe, KS, and its neighboring towns. The quality screened-in porch we construct helps ensure no debris, insects, or any other undesirable element makes it into the screened area.

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    “We are very happy hiring Olathe Deck Builder. They were very professional, courteous, and they keep us informed of all aspects of the project from start to finish. They have provided us with quality and high-standard materials. I have no regrets having them, so we would happily do so again.”
    Kieth D.
    “The best deck building company ever. Excellent work and quality materials. Easy to work with! I recommend them.”
    Jane F.
    “I was very pleased and happy with the results. All I can say is that they were very professional in what they do. Exceptionally good, and I want to hire them again!”

    Our Guarantee

    Olathe Deck Builder is not the best deck company in Olathe for no reason. we treat every customer like our only customer and with many years in business, we have learned that your happiness our growth. So we promise every customer that your new deck will leave you 100% satisfied. To learn more about our warranty work give us a call today. 
    Olathe Deck Builder, Olathe Kansas Olathe Deck Builder, Wood Decks
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