Perfect for Unwinding, Neighborhood Parks

“Looking for a place to chill? Enjoy the cool air and a bit of nature with Olathe, Kansa’s neighborhood parks!”

Neighborhood parks are the best reasons to get yourself up, go outside, and enjoy the outdoors. These areas in the locality are great places to unwind or perfect for recreational activities. In some places, a park is where people jog, a place for time passing, and a place to relax and feel the cool breeze of air. 

Every neighborhood has a park open publicly for the residents to enjoy. Olathe, Kansas, has over 25 parks to enjoy in the area. These parks offer complete unwinding for residents of the different neighborhoods in Olathe. Below are some of the visually attractive parks that sit in the locality of Olathe.

Arbor Landing Park

Arbor Landing Park is near West 163rd Street and South Lindenwood Drive intersection, Olathe, Kansas. Standing still since 2004, residents near the area still enjoy the six-acre park. The park features a playground for the children, picnic shelters for the family, and has fitness equipment all over the place to enjoy. The park is vast, has an open green space with a 0.25 mile long, 10′ path wide for pedestrians, and is perfect for biking. Arbor Landing Park is at 16305 S. Lindenwood Drive, Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.833350, -94.786830)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 50′ 0.06” N, 94° 47′ 12.588” W

Arrowhead Park

If you enjoy picnics and dining out in the fresh air, then you’ll probably enjoy hanging around in Arrowhead Park. The park sits along Lindenwood Drive north of 151st Street. Moreover, it has various amenities perfect for families and children. Arrowhead park has two tables with 16 maximum seating capacity and a charcoal grill for outdoor cooking. 

Furthermore, the park has a baseball field to enjoy by visiting, has access to an Indian Creek Trail access, and a water fountain. Children will enjoy the area as it has a playground perfect for playing and exercising. Arrowhead Park is one of the city’s largest, oldest, and most established neighborhood parks. The 14-acre huge park sits still and sturdy, providing a place for families to hang out since 1975, and is at 1701 S. Lindenwood Dr., Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.858100, -94.788720)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 51′ 29.16” N, 94° 47′ 19.392” W

Brougham Park

With sightings of flowers, trees, and everything in nature, Brougham park is another park to visit in Olathe, Kansas. The park sits across the street from Brougham Elementary School, just north of 156th Street on Brougham Drive, north of 156th Street. Trail access is available from West 154th Terrace, South Blackfoot Street, and West 156th Terrace, among other locations.

Brougham Park is also a place perfect for family lunch-outs. With over six tables bearing up to 48 seating capacity, you can eat out in the fresh air while grilling in the charcoal grill. Apart from other parks, this area has access to lights and electricity. Children may also enjoy the garden as it has a spacious, open play space with an available swing and playground. The 12.7-acre park has stood still since 1998 and is at 15501 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.846710, -94.771110)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 50′ 48.156” N, 94° 46′ 15.996” W

Calamity Line Park

Calamity Line park at the south side of Santa Fe Street between Iowa and Marion Streets is a friendly and perfect place to chill and take a look at the beautiful environment. The park, in addition, also has a walk-in entrance point on Park Street, west of Logan Street. Families bond in this park often due to the park’s features. It has four tables with a seating capacity of 32, a charcoal grill, an aesthetically pleasing water foundation, and a playground for the children.

Moreover, the park has around a 0.5-mile walking trail loop with interpretive signs all over the place. It also features disabled parking for residents that are in need. Calamity Line park is at 901 W. Santa Fe St., Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.883230, -94.829470)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 52′ 59.628” N, 94° 49′ 46.092” W

Frisco Lake Park

Located near the intersection of E. Dennis Avenue and S. Keeler Street is the Frisco Lake Park, which has approximately 38 acres of land and 24 acres of lake water. From all the parks mentioned above, the park offers tons of activities and amenities for visiting residents. It has an Ironhorse shelter with six tables for 48 people, two charcoal grills for the families to utilize, and a water fountain safe for drinking. Aside from this area, it also has the gazebo, which offers the same amenities, except that this area has only two tables with a maximum capacity of 16. 

Since the place has a lake, residents up for fishing are welcome. It also has two sand volleyball courts and a basketball ring for these two ball games. Hiking and exercising are also possible because the place has a 0.9-mile walking trail loop with fitness equipment all over the place. The park is also child-friendly as it has a play area and a playground for the children to run and play under the sun. Frisco Lake Park is at 1100 E. Dennis Ave., Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.869750, -94.802600)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 52′ 11.1” N, 94° 48′ 9.36” W

Heatherstone Park

If your goal is to unwind and see nature without going too far, you can find Heatherstone park along Pflumm Road between West 123rd and West 127th Street on the east side of Heatherstone Elementary School. This park is a perfect place to interact with nature because different plants and trees rest. It even has water lilies as a 0.8-acre fish pond is available in the area.

Moreover, like any other park in Olathe, the place has four tables for 32 people, a charcoal grill, a playground, and a 0.5-mile walking trail loop with stations for exercising. From here, you may also access a trail from W. 123rd street. The Heatherstone park beautifully rests at 12310 S. Pflumm Rd., Olathe, Kansas.

Latitude, Longitude – (38.904510, -94.744280)

GPS Coordinates – 38° 54′ 16.236” N, 94° 44′ 39.408” W

Wait, There’s More!

Olathe, Kansas, is home to many neighborhood and local parks that offers a great deal of unwinding experience. Parks all around the city are suitable for when you are alone, you’re with family and friends and even for children. There are actually around 25 parks in Olathe, Kansas. These include Fairview, Frontier, Manor, Mill Creek, Woodbrook, Quailwood, Santa Marta, Pellett, Scarborough, and the list continues.  In Olathe, Kansas, the neighborhood parks intend to serve the residents in the surrounding communities within a two-mile radius of the park.