Composite Decks


Composite Decks

Welcome to the home of the most reliable and reputable Olathe deck company known for delivering the most satisfactory decking solutions for your commercial and residential composite decking needs. 

We are known for providing the best quality composite decking services to meet all your commercial and residential decking needs. We take all relevant factors into consideration before deciding on which composite decking material to use for your composite decking projects. 

Some of these factors we consider include moisture, sunlight, building codes, sunlight, relevant add-ons, and appearance. All these are aimed at ensuring we deliver services tailored to suit your specific decking needs. 

With so many composite decking designs and colors to choose from, we understand the fact that not all composite decks will meet your specs and needs. 

To make sure we give you the best, we will walk you through the entire selection and installation processes to ensure we give you the exact composite deck you need. 

A composite deck is a low-maintenance alternative to wood decks. Composite decking materials have improved in quality and functionality over the years, eliminating the problems associated with composite decking materials a decade ago. 

With more than 50 different composite decking products available in the market today, you can always find the right one for your decking projects. 

A wide variety of options

One thing that has contributed to the wide acceptance of composite decking as an alternative to wood decking is the fact that you have a wide variety of options to choose from such as colors, styles, costs, designs, materials, etc.  

High-Quality Materials

When we say we know this decking job well, it is not an empty boast. We are experienced with composite decks to the point that we put the heat-absorbing capacity of the composite materials we use for decking into consideration. 

We are well aware that dark, composite materials absorb a lot of heat when exposed to the hot sun. This is why we always go for lighter colors known to reflect most of the heat from the sun instead of absorbing them. 

Attractive decking finishes 

We use composite brands with more beautiful colors, features, and finer details. These high-quality composites give your deck a more wood-like look and feel. These high-end composites are more durable than most wood decks and come in a wider range of colors and add-ons like balusters, railings, posts caps, skirts, and decorative trim. These add-ons make your composite decks more beautiful and attractive but not without some extra costs though.

Wet Resistant Decks 

If your composite deck is exposed to frequent wetting, your deck can become quite slippery without the right texture. We consider the location of your deck and climate before choosing the composite for your deck. 

If you plan to install the deck near a pool or where ice is an issue, we will always recommend composites with a more pronounced texture. We pay attention to the selection process to ensure all materials we use meet the local building codes. 

Budget-Friendly decline services 

Usually, including the best quality composite deck details such as railings, trim boards, and hidden fasteners come with higher charges. However, as the most affordable Olathe deck builder, we will always help you get the best prices for these composite products and add-ons to keep the cost of the decking project within your means. 

We discuss the requirements with you in very clear detail to enable us to understand your specifications before we offer you our free estimate and flat rate. This is to avoid any overhead charges and added costs in the long run.

With us handling your composite deck projects, you can be sure of getting value for your money at the end of the day. Get in touch with us with your questions and inquiries concerning our composite decking services today. 

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