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A deck is an excellent place to hold a summer party or just sit back and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. It is an attractive addition to your home as well. While deck building looks easy, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

That’s why you should leave your deck building project to a professional deck builder. Olathe Deck Builder is your trusted deck company in Olathe, Kansas. Our team uses various materials from wood decks to composite decks, covering all your home remodeling needs. We serve properties throughout Olathe, Kansas, Shawne, Kansas, and Lenexa, Kansas.

Olathe Deck Builder is dedicated to creating extraordinary outdoor living spaces throughout the Kansas area. Our main goal is to transform your home’s exterior and turn our clients’ dreams into reality.

Every step of our project is performed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and honesty. We strive to provide our customers with the best value and service. Whatever impression you want to make, we guarantee to exceed your expectations from start to finish.

Deck Construction

Our untarnished reputation as a premier deck builder company continues to become more known in Olathe because of our experience, reliability, and our innovative designs, and top-quality building materials. All our contractors have been trained in the safest and best ways to build the best deck for your home. We always strive for excellence and make sure that your deck-building project is treated with utmost care and attention.

Olathe Deck Builder also offers deck building consultations for Kansas area homeowners to help you get a better idea of the design and deck construction process. During consultations, we will ask some of the important questions, such as:

  • What do you plan on using for sunbathing, summer parties, barbecuing, or lounging?
  • How big do you want it to be?
  • How much space is available?
  • What material would you like it to be made of- wood or composite materials?
  • What is your budget for your deck project?
  • Do you want any additional features, such as arbors or enclosures?

Once you have answered these questions, one of our deck designers will work with you to turn your dream deck into a reality. If you have your own design in mind, we can also work with that. If you don’t, you can browse our different deck styles and plans to find a design that works for you.

Unique Deck Features

Building a deck is not an easy task. Finding that perfect medium between deck square footage, accessories, and features can be tough enough, let alone trying to keep it all within your spending budget.

However, no matter what features you want for your deck, hiring a reputable deck company is always a wise decision. Here are some of the unique deck features that you can add to your deck for the ultimate in style, luxury, and comfort.

Clear Balusters

You don’t have to settle for bland, boring, and basic balusters. Balusters prevent people, pets, children, or anything that’s bigger than four inches from going over the edge or through your railing. They also prevent you from having a clear view, especially when you’re sitting down.

That’s why a clear glass or acrylic baluster is the better option. It can provide your deck with the protection you need without preventing you from seeing the beautiful views from your deck.

Fire Features

How do you define a warm and comfortable cold night? It can be a cozy and warm retreat during nighttime, a relaxing place to lounge, or a fun time with the family roasting marshmallows over a fireplace.

Fire features on a deck can vary from simple metal containers with an ash screen to the full-fledged brick fireplace complete with a handsome hearth and solid oak mantle. Fire features can also be built in place or stand-alone. You can use basic charcoal for fuel or opt for a wood-burning fireplace. Whatever type of fire feature you choose for your deck, will surely become the focal point of your deck.

Water Features

One of the more common deck features is a water garden. It can be as simple as a small cooper basin with a drip fountain or as luxurious as a built-in stream and waterfall. Water features are a great way to get a relaxing and tranquil effect without going overboard on costs. Many budget-friendly water features can be installed by your deck builder.

All you need is a simple filtration system and the water quality will stay clean and clear with very little maintenance. Water features allow you to spend hours enjoying them and not working on them.

Outdoor Kitchen

The best way to enjoy the weekend with family is through a barbeque party. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your deck is an excellent investment. Basic setups include a built-in grill and storage spaces. On the other hand, a complete outdoor kitchen can include a refrigerator, oven, sink, and even dishwasher.

Deck Board Pattern

Your deck boards can be more than just a series of planks placed together, one against each other in a mundane pattern. You can use a rosette, compass, or other unique patterns to create a focal point for your outdoor area. With just a few additional deck materials, you can create an amazing one-of-a-kind pattern that can transform any decking surface into an eye-catching work of art.

Hot Tub

If you want ultimate outdoor relaxation, adding a hot tub is the best solution. Hot tubs come in various sizes, prices, and setups. Basic hot tubs include a four-person above deck tub with a completely self-contained filtration system. In contrast, higher-end hot tubs can include flush mountable tubs complete with lighting, jet circulation, and even counter-current swimming treadmills.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Deck Builder

Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional deck builder is the best decision for your project.

Design Options

When hiring a professional deck builder, you need to consider their design options. You are paying a decent amount of money, so you want your deck to be exactly how you envisioned it.

Many deck companies offer customized products that make it easy to build your dream deck. Rather than choosing from predesigned products, you can choose the features that will be included in your new deck.

If you don’t want a customized deck, several deck companies have online galleries of decks they have built before. You can browse through designs and choose the one that fits your preferences.

Some of the design options that you can consider are natural wood, composites, plastic lumber, and more. Each of these designs has its own benefits, durability, colors, and more.


A deck builder that has plenty of experience knows everything about the industry. Depending on your residence, you may have different codes and requirements for building decks. When you have an experienced deck professional will ensure that you stay up to code.

Competitive Pricing

Deck construction can be expensive and time-consuming. However, several deck builders offer reasonably priced services. They have access to cheaper materials in the market, will take less time to install your deck, and also have other deck maintenance services that can help you save money.

Attention to Detail

One of the best benefits that come from hiring a professional deck company is that they give attention to the details of your deck. Trying to build your own deck can leave room for small mistakes. While these may not affect the overall stability or look of your deck, small details make a difference on your deck.

Hiring a professional deck builder can make sure that every detail works together to make your project look professional and feel luxurious.

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Building a deck doesn’t have to be a stressful one, especially if you choose to hire a professional deck builder. Olathe Deck Builder has all the experience needed to build decks, so we can make your dream deck a reality.

When you hire us, you can save time, money, and more. Call us now at (913) 225-8986 to know more about our services. Olathe Deck Builder serves all homeowners throughout Olathe, Kansas, Shawne, Kansas, and Lenexa, Kansas.