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Adding a deck into your home is a substantial investment. It adds value to your home. That’s why it is important to choose the right deck builder that is professional, honest, and experienced. Olathe Deck Builder is a local company whose portfolio consists of both modern and traditional deck options. We pride ourselves in our reputations as the top deck company in Olathe, Kansas.

We serve properties throughout Olathe, Kansas, Shawne, Kansas, and Lenexa, Kansas. We pride ourselves on the quality of our decks. Our expertise and customer service are second to none. What makes us stand out from other deck companies are our qualities, trustworthiness, competence, warranty, and accountability.

Custom Decks for Your Home

Olathe Deck Builder lived up to our name as the go-to, premier deck builder in Olathe, Kansas. Our contractors specialize in custom work, so each of our clients can have an outdoor space that complements their property perfectly. We work closely with every homeowner to achieve the outdoor oasis they’ve always wanted.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the main reason why our customers choose us for their deck projects. Our singular focus on decking has earned our company an established reputation in our field. we attribute our track record of success to this top-level service and our detailed knowledge of the industry.

At Olathe Deck Builder, our only focus is on decks. Other deck companies in Kansas may have several specialties, such as landscaping or construction. Decks are only secondary to these companies. They may offer deck services, but it is not their main core.

However, at Olathe Deck Builder, our team is fully dedicated to the decking industry. Decks are our specialty. That means we have the right knowledge and in-depth experience needed for these projects.

We guarantee to give you a deck that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations, and stands the test of time.

Deck Builder in Olathe, Kansas

Are you a homeowner in Olathe, Kansas? If you are looking for a distinctive deck design, Olathe Deck Builder is a top-quality deck company who can listen to your custom needs and work hard to meet them. We are a highly experienced service provider who has been in the industry for many years working on decks.

We are fully equipped with highly skilled professionals who ensure that you get your dream decks. We are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction for our clients through our work. We will provide designs that will complement the aesthetics of your home. Our professional deck builders have vast experience and can build you any custom design you want for your home.

We build decks that last for several years to come. We offer quality workmanship and structural integrity. We ensure that our deck projects can stand wear and tear.

Different Decking Materials

Below are some of the decking materials we use at Olander Deck Builder.

Wood Decking

In Kansas, wood is the easiest and most accessible material to find. It is also the most affordable. However, wood tends to absorb moisture, and in damp areas, rot. The climate can be extremely hard on wood as the water gets into any crack or hole.

When it freezes, it makes the space bigger allowing more water to get in. This cycle attracts insects and mildew and, in a few years, the deck needs to be torn down.

Pressure-treated wood has changed this scenario because the wood now lasts almost as long as any other material. Wood is not only affordable but easy to use. Most decks that do not use wood decking will use wood framing instead. Cedar and redwood decking cost more but their natural oils protect them from decay.

Composite Decking

Using a mixture of wood flour and recycled plastic, composite decking is slowly becoming popular. While it is two to five times more expensive, it is already colored so maintenance is almost non-existent.

The planks you can use can be solid or extruded, which means that they are forced through a dye that produces channels to make them light while maintaining their strength. Composites can be cut, nailed, and screwed like real wood.

Vinyl Decking

Like vinyl siding, the decking is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in an extrusion process. The bulk of the plank, railing, posts, and other parts are recycled vinyl while the top layer is fine vinyl containing the pigment, the finish, and the protection for ultraviolet rays.

The finish will look like real wood. However, most vinyl planking is installed on a rail system which is quicker than nailing. Furthermore, the planks can be ordered in lengths of up to 16 feet which means fewer joints.

How to Maintain Your Decks

If you want to enjoy a safe and comfortable outdoor living space, you need to take care of certain maintenance requirements to ensure that your deck will last. Here are some of the most common deck maintenance tasks.


Washing is often done on an annual or semi-annual basis. Deck washing removes the dirt and debris built up from the deck boards.

Porous materials, like wood, will absorb dirty water and allow sap and other substances to leech out of the wood. Deck washing eliminates all of this, leaving a clean, smooth, and attractive surface.


This process alters the color of your wood deck with stain, which absorbs into the outer layers of wood to provide an aesthetic appeal. Staining should be done after the deck has been thoroughly washed and the use of high-quality products ensures long-lasting uniform coverage.


Painting is not usually done on outdoor decks since it can flake and peel. The paint sits on top of the wood and can create a solid color, hiding any wood grain and other blemishes from sight. Paint should be reapplied regularly using outdoor grade products.


Like paint, deck sealers create a protective outer layer on the surface of the wood. It is intended to repel water and dirt. Sealers wear away quickly and most often do not alter the natural appearance of the decking materials underneath.


Stripping removes any stain, paint, or deck sealer applied. It often uses a mild chemical to strip the product away. Stripping also removes some of the natural color and liquids found in the wood, leaving the material faded and somewhat drier.

How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Deck Project

Building a deck into your home will go smoothly if you know how to hire the right deck company. A well-installed deck can be a wonderful addition to a home. It provides outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

That’s why any deck installation project should be done properly with solid footings and structural supports. Hiring a deck builder will ensure you of a deck that is durable and can withstand any wear and tear. Below are some tips on how to hire the right contractor for your deck project.

Plan your deck

A deck builder can help solidify plans for your deck. However, you should have a good idea about the scope of the project yourself before calling a professional. You may want to consider some components of the project in advance, such as:

  • The deck’s layout
  • Number of stories
  • Staircases and coverings
  • Materials- natural wood or composite?
  • The type of railings
  • Fire pits, benches, and other special features

Check for any reviews, recommendations, and licenses

If you have any friends or neighbors who recently had a deck built, you can ask about their experience, good or bad, and whether they would recommend the deck builder.

Interview deck companies

After researching, you should ideally narrow your list to three or four potential deck builders. Call them, and ask for the following:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you offer a warranty on the work?
  • Do you have a supervisor or owner on-site during the work?

Get a written estimate

From your list, select the best two or three deck builders to the site and ask them to provide you with a written estimate of costs.

The estimate should include a detailed breakdown of the materials that will be used. The materials should also be separated from the hourly labor cost. It should also include any landscaping work that might be performed as well as whether the project includes clean up and hauling away of any debris.

Hiring a deck builder

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to sign the contract with your chosen deck company. This document should include some important components, such as:

  • The total price and a breakdown of deposit versus final payment terms
  • The cost for any changes of direction
  • The complete scope of work
  • The completion date, and financial impact for delays
  • Details on securing permits and design approvals
  • Clean up details

Choose Olathe Deck Builder

Olathe Deck Builder provides a written estimate for all our projects. We guarantee high-quality work using only the best materials in the market.

Give us a call now at (913) 225-8986 to know more about our services. Olathe Deck Builder serves all homeowners throughout Olathe, Kansas, Shawne, Kansas, and Lenexa, Kansas.