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Are you planning to add a deck to your home? We understand how stressful it can be to find a deck company you trust with your deck-building project. That’s why Olathe Deck Builder is here to help.

At Olathe Deck Builder, we have perfected our craft in designing and building a well-designed, versatile deck. Our finished decks never fail to transform the way our clients live in their homes. No matter the size and complexity of your deck project, hiring us means choosing years of expertise and a deeply unique, detailed, and quality deck for your home.

We serve properties throughout Olathe, Kansas, Shawne, Kansas, and Lenexa, Kansas. We pride ourselves on the quality of our composite decks. Allow our team to take the enjoyment of customizing your outdoor living space to a whole new level.

Our composite decking makes it easy to extend your living space outside. We are a locally owned and operated deck company known for our competitive prices, quality workmanship, and the ability to get the job done efficiently while exceeding your expectations.

Composite Decking

Olathe Deck Builder also offers composite decking, along with wood and vinyl decking. Composite decking is a man-made building product, that is a mixture of wood fibers, plastics, and a small number of bonding agents. The mixture is heated, formed into board-shaped lengths, and then cooled. The resulting boards need fewer maintenance procedures than traditional wood decking while looking more authentic than plastic alternatives.

Types of Composite Decking

Capped vs. Uncapped

There are two known types of composite decking on the market: capped and uncapped.

Capped composite boards come with an exterior plastic coating. This means that the boards become highly resistant against fading and staining. The boards are easy to wipe clean and keep their color when exposed to the environment.

Uncapped boards tend to be more affordable. While the material is resistant and hard-wearing, they do not come with the same protection against staining and color fading. This means that in the first couple of months, the boards may fade a small amount as residual wood oils leach out from the board after being exposed to the outside environment.

Hollow vs. Solid

Composite boards also come in hollow and solid varieties. Hollow boards tend to have hollow chambers running throughout the length of the plank, while solid boards are stronger and heavier.

Benefits of Composite Decking

If you are considering composite decking for your deck project, below are some of the benefits it can bring to your home.

Superior Durability

If you want your deck to be worth the cost, it needs to be durable. Moreover, it’s going to be the location of many family gatherings, that’s why it needs to be durable to bear the weight of people, furniture, and family pets. You can expect this with a composite deck since it is constructed out of several materials for exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Minimal Maintenance

Since composite decks don’t break down and rot over time like wood, it requires little maintenance. A composite deck doesn’t need to be re-stained or repainted. All you need is to hose it down or power wash it occasionally to keep it looking its best.


Another good thing about composite decks is that no trees are harmed during production. Since a majority of them are made using recycled or scrap materials, there is little to no environmental impact, unlike wood decks which require a decent amount of lumber.

More Color Choices

While you can stain wood decks in a decent amount of finishes, it will likely need some touch-ups or fresh coats over time. On the other hand, composite decking can be crafted in a wide assortment of colors and finishes, all of which will retain their hue.

No Splinters

You can walk confidently across any composite decks even while barefoot. You don’t have to worry about any splinters. This is a good thing, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Composite Decking

At Olathe Deck Builder, we do not only transform your outdoor space; we also teach our customers how to keep their decks beautiful for a long period of time. Like other exterior products, regularly cleaning your composite deck will help keep it looking new for years to come.

Removing Dirt and Debris

Make it a habit to keep your composite deck cleaner by removing dirt and debris weekly using a broom or leaf blower. You can also use mild soap and warm water with a nylon brush to gently remove any grime and stubborn spots.

Removing Tannin Stains, Water Spots, and Rust Stains

Like any product containing wood, a temporary bluish-black thing called “tannin” stains can develop on composite decking. These will naturally fade over time or can be removed quickly using a composite deck cleaner containing oxalic acid. You can also use this deck cleaner to remove water spots and rust stains.

When you use a composite deck cleaner containing oxalic acid, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For best results, apply over the entire deck surface to maintain color continuity.

Cleaning Food Oil and Grease Stains

You can use a household degreasing agent, such as dishwashing liquid to remove any food-grade oil and grease stains from composite decking as soon as you notice the stain. You can apply warm water and gently scrub the area with a nylon brush, too. Afterward, rinse the detergent off thoroughly with warm water.

Removing Chalk Lines

You can use a blue or white chalk line when installing your composite deck. Do not use red chalk. You can scrub the affected area with soap and hot water to help remove the stain.

Why Choose Olathe Deck Builder

We are looking forward to starting a relationship with you and earning your business. We understand that choosing a deck builder can be difficult and often an overwhelming decision.

At the beginning of this process, it can be tempting to let price be a major factor in this decision.

If you asked people who are happy with their builders about their decision, the price was almost always at the bottom of the list. At the end of the day, you want an honest deck builder and upfront, values good communication and integrity, professional and experienced people.

Our team from Olathe Deck Builder would like to take this opportunity to highlight the things that make us stand out from the other deck companies you may be considering.


There’s a saying that goes, “Reputation is who you are when someone is looking. Integrity is who you are when no one is looking.” Our integrity is as important to us as it should be to our customers and we guarantee to keep it for a long time.

Relationship and Communication

While it is given that the deck company you choose should be qualified to do the actual work, Olathe Deck Builder understands that the most important service we provide is a relationship based on trust and communication. Whether it is a week-long deck project, a three-month basement finish, or an eight-month new home build, we want to be an important part of our clients’ lives for the duration of the project.

If our customers don’t trust us anymore or we haven’t established good communication before starting the project, then building their deck, interacting with them, and having to make countless decisions can be a stressful process. We want our clients to be comfortable with the relationship we have built through trust and honesty.

Owner Involved

Olathe Deck Builder is a hands-on builder. You are working with owners that are personally present from the design phase through the warranty phase. We do not only manage the project from start to finish, but oftentimes the owner is involved in completing major tasks in the building process, like framing, or laying hardwood floors.

Education and Experience

Olathe Deck Builder is an educated and experienced deck company. We are a licensed and certified deck Builder in Kansas. We are a deck builder that is experienced in both new construction and innovation.


We are also a flexible deck builder. We use the latest scheduling and project management software to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. We offer flexibility to allow the inevitable changes that occur during a custom home renovation project.

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